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Book Review: "Feelings and Emotion-based Learning: A New Theory"

This book is both joyful to read, and is also immensely powerful for its three main constituents. For teachers it provides a powerful and timely book that brings together notions of teacher experience and expertise with the importance of considering feelings and emotions while teaching. For academics the work provides a new and well researched theory of learning and contextualizes this amongst other prominent learning work. And for those who want to engage in feeling related research there is a rich discussion of the kinds of research methods and ethical considerations required to pursue this exciting new path.

Professor Chris Brown, Professor of Education University of Portsmouth

School of Education and Childhood Studies

Two new books for 2017:

Achieving Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice in Education: EvidencED and

Networks for Learning: Effective collaboration for teacher, school and system improvement now available.

New publications for 2017:

Brown, C. (2017) Further exploring the rationality of evidence-informed practice: a semiotic analysis of the perspectives of a school federation, International Journal of Education Research, 82, pp. 28-39.

Brown, C. (2017) Research Learning Communities: How The RLC Approach Enables Teachers To Use Research To Improve Their Practice And The Benefits For Students That Occur As A Result, Research for All, 1, 2, pp. 387-405.

Brown, C (2017) How to establish Research Learning Communities, Professional Development Today, 19, 2, pp. 30-55.

Brown, C., Schildkamp, K. and Hubers, M. (2017) Combining the Best of Two Worlds: A Conceptual Proposal for Evidence-Informed School Improvement, Educational Research, 59, 2, pp. 154-172

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