If you are looking for information about my educational research - go here - My book "Feelings and Emotion-based Learning" is available to buy from Palgrave Macmillan and also on Amazon. You can read about my current research plans for my next book by going to my Academic Work & News or better still contact me through Twitter: @jenhawk6248   

If you are looking for my Art - go here - examples from each of my themed galleries are below and you will find plenty more in the gallery tab. Pictures for sale as Originals and some as Limited Edition prints too. If you would like to purchase works go to the shop or email via contact button. See my latest art news, exhibitions, competition entries and work at: www.facebook.com/mindartpaintings

Welcome to my education & art website!

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Fingers of frost

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Radiant Mood

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Kernow Rainscape

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